2016 Portland International Auto Show

Story and Photographs by Sarah Seely The 2016 Portland International Auto Show had a very apparent theme: High tech as a standard and small SUV's. Another common theme was green technology and MPG's. No longer just tucked away in a small "green technology" room, every car brand had an electric and/or hybrid model to showcase. The question … Continue reading 2016 Portland International Auto Show

Community Valentine Project

For Valentine’s Day most people take the opportunity to show their loved ones how much they care. At Kuni Automotive we were reminded of how much we care for and appreciate our Community Partners. We decided to do something to show how much they meant to us at The Garage, all of our dealerships, and the communities in which they reside. … Continue reading Community Valentine Project

A Gift for Stephen’s Place!

The long awaited opening of Stephen's Place, a non profit community for adults with developmental disabilities, has finally arrived! The Construction & building of the community was fully funded by the Kuni Foundation and private donors.  Stephen's Place first residents recently moved in and  more are on the way! With residents moving in, a need for … Continue reading A Gift for Stephen’s Place!