Kuni Automotive Top Sales Professionals

At Kuni Automotive we are very proud of our fantastic employees. We really do feel like we have the best team. Employees often comment on how odd it is that everyone seems to have such similar personalities and get along so well. "Is this some kind of hidden camera game show? Did you find my … Continue reading Kuni Automotive Top Sales Professionals

#RXtoRemember Contest Update!

We have a winner folks! Well two so far. The Western Lexus contest has several categories and today they announced two of them! The challenge was for all Lexus dealerships in the western region to wrap a 2016 Lexus RX and compete for: -The Most Creative/ Impactful Display -The Most Social Media Activity -The Most … Continue reading #RXtoRemember Contest Update!

The Kuni Automotive Technician Guild!

Kuni Automotive is proud to announce the Technician Guild! The Kuni Automotive Technicians Guild was founded to recognize exceptional technicians in the mechanical and collision repair departments of Kuni Automotive. In order to be admitted they must: Have top rankings in Customer Service Index exemplify the highest standard of self-motivation; pride of workmanship; and a sense of … Continue reading The Kuni Automotive Technician Guild!