Our Top Pros 2016

At the Top Pros ceremony we celebrate our top sales team members. These members are recognized for many attributes. They are leaders, they are teachers, they provide the very best care to our customers. These sales team members are reviewed by our customers online as the person you want to work with when buying a car. … Continue reading Our Top Pros 2016

Kuni Garage Holiday Celebration 2016

Holiday parties are a great way for your team to spend some time together outside of work. But what if instead of just getting together for a meal, you provided meals for your community too? The Kuni Automotive team spent this years party giving back! We started things off with a month long contest between … Continue reading Kuni Garage Holiday Celebration 2016

Shaking hands with every employee

As the Kuni Automotive + Holman Automotive deal was finalized, it became apparent what kind of company Holman Automotive is: a company where people and relationships matter the most. The executive teams and families from both Holman and Kuni met up and began touring each Kuni dealership.  Mr. Holman had a special request; he wanted to shake hands … Continue reading Shaking hands with every employee