Holiday parties are a great way for your team to spend some time together outside of work. But what if instead of just getting together for a meal, you provided meals for your community too? The Kuni Automotive team spent this years party giving back!

We started things off with a month long contest between departments and groups to see who could collect the most food to donate to the Oregon Food bank. In addition to collecting non-perishable food, we also collected donations toward the cause.

In the end, 1,430 food items were collected and $646 was raised by employee contributions and donations.

We all gathered together  in the Garage living room to celebrate the accomplishments of our employees, and the company over the year.


We ate a nice lunch together as one big team.


Next we headed to the Oregon Food Bank to deliver our collected food and volunteer for a few hours.


That day we would be packing pears and potatoes!


Form an apron tie chain!


Gloves and hair nets for us all!


Let the packing begin!


So many pears!!


On to potatoes!


So much fun!


Giving back was a great idea for a holiday party. We had a wonderful time, bonded as a team and was able to help pack 37,614 pounds of food!



Kuni Garage Holiday Celebration 2016

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