We have had quite a year at Kuni Automotive. Our family grew as we paired with Holman to become Kuni Automotive, A Holman Enterprise. We had much to be thankful for,  as we gathered for lunch the day before thanksgiving, at the Kuni Garage.


Two burners ready to go in the morning. It takes two turkeys and a ham to feed all the employees at the garage!


The Business Technology team kept a close eye on the temperature waiting for it to be ready for the turkeys.


Careful seasoning  for optimum crispiness and a moist turkey was key.


As the turkeys were dropped in, the safety committee was on hand… just in case…

A perfect drop!


The ham in the oven filled the office with glorious aromas. It was hard to wait until noon!


Everyone brought a dish to share.


Family recipes were recreated, the turkey was cut.

Much thankfulness was expressed for good food, a great workplace, and fantastic people to work with.What a great year this has been for Kuni Automotive.

dsc_0243dsc_0248Sweet tea:dsc_0261dsc_0264

And then came the desserts:


And Pie!


We enjoyed a great meal together as a team. Thanksgiving plans and stories were shared.

Wishing you all great memories this holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!


A Kuni Automotive Thanksgiving!

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