Shaking hands with every employee

As the Kuni Automotive + Holman Automotive deal was finalized, it became apparent what kind of company Holman Automotive is: a company where people and relationships matter the most.

The executive teams and families from both Holman and Kuni met up and began touring each Kuni dealership.  Mr. Holman had a special request; he wanted to shake hands with each and every Kuni employee, and that he did.

The tour took the executive teams to every Kuni dealership as well as the Kuni headquarters in Vancouver, Washington. A very special celebration was held in Portland, to give thanks to all of the hard work from both sides in finalizing the deal, and celebrate the joining of these two great companies. (Photos from that event will appear in another blog post.)

Please enjoy photos from these store visits as Mr. Holman met, shook hands with, and welcomed each Kuni employee!


Kuni Lexus of Greenwood Village:


Kuni Honda on Arapahoe

Mr Holman meeting Kuni Honda Service technicians

Audi Boulder:


Audi Shawnee Mission:




Lexus of Seattle:



Kuni Lexus of Portland:


Kuni BMW:



Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac:


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