Audi Shawnee Mission is now open!


We are so excited to announce our newest location. Audi Shawnee Mission in Lenexa Kansas, is now open for business!! Opening a new store is always exciting, but opening in a new state makes everything even better. We have a whole new community in Lenexa to get to know and be a part of.


There was much excitement in the weeks leading up to opening day. Getting the sign up on the building, installing the lifts in the shop, and hiring the first employees, were all large steps toward the finish line. Seeing the cars arrive last week was an exciting moment for the staff!

Cars have arrived


The first weekend after opening, the employees of Audi Shawnee Mission visited the Heartland Soccer Association at Scheels Soccer Complex in Overland Park. It was a great weekend and they had a fantastic time getting out and meeting people in the community.


If you are in the area, please drop in and say hello. The Audi Shawnee Mission staff is exited to show off the great Audis in the line up!



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