Kuni Automotive Top Sales Professionals

Top Pros 2015 logo

At Kuni Automotive we are very proud of our fantastic employees. We really do feel like we have the best team. Employees often comment on how odd it is that everyone seems to have such similar personalities and get along so well. “Is this some kind of hidden camera game show? Did you find my personality twin?” Having this type of great work atmosphere in which you trust and enjoy the company of your co-workers, helps to bring out the best in our work performance.

“If you take care of the employees, they will take care of the customers and that will take care of the bottom line.” As our guiding philosophy at Kuni Automotive, we take this seriously. We even have this written in giant letters on the wall at the Kuni Garage, our corporate office. It is in this spirit that we aim to recognize our employees for their good work in the form of the Technician Guild for our Automotive Technicians, and the Top Professionals awards for our Sales Team.

The Top Sales Professionals for 2015 were recently announced and recognized. It was a very tight race this year with 1st-3rd place separated by mere percentage points. All of our sales team worked very hard and we appreciate their hard work and effort. A celebration dinner was held at the Garage to celebrate all of the Top Sales Professionals with desk placards handed out to the top achievers.

top pros list

Group Photo_edit

Congratulations to all of our sales team! We look forward to a great 2016!

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