The Kuni Automotive Technician Guild!

Kuni Automotive is proud to announce the Technician Guild!


The Kuni Automotive Technicians Guild was founded to recognize exceptional technicians in the mechanical and collision repair departments of Kuni Automotive.

In order to be admitted they must:

  • Have top rankings in Customer Service Index
  • exemplify the highest standard of self-motivation; pride of workmanship; and a sense of cooperation and leadership with fellow employees
  • be in the top 10% of efficiency, exhibit a dedication to their craft and their dealership
  • have a record of quality service for a minimum of 5 years

The first inductees to the guild for each state have been announced! Congratulations to all our new guild members!

Washington Red



Lexus of Seattle

Pictured from left: Service Manager John Willoughby, Derrick Queen, Paul Bindon, Jay Henderson, Tomoshi Miyamoto, Marcie Hinton Ramey and Wayne Priebe, and General Manager Brad Castonguay.



Oregon Green



LOP tech guild

Lexus of Portland

Pictured From Left: Dan Morton, Wayne Dassinger, Welo Watson, Justin Shamo, Darin Andress, Tom Schmidt, Service Manager Dave VandeLinde , Phil Lane (General Manager), Jason Sullivan, John Fenley, Nathan Fletcher.


Kuni BMW

Pictured From Left: Marci Arold, Kevin Johnston, Matt Webber, Ryan Bellingham, Shawn Watson, Nick Hammond, Mark Weeks, Whitney Taft,  Shane O’Hanrahan (General Manager).


Kuni Auto Center

 Scott Sandhagen, Kevin Johnston, Dennis Ellis, Marci Arold, Brent Cech

California Blue


Southern Cali

Southern California : Land Rover San Diego, Porsche San Diego & Audi San Diego

Pictured From left: Emmanuel “Manny” Lopez, Christopher “Chris” Doherty, Kevin DelMar (with a capitol “M”), Hans Loetz, Joshua Singer, Oscar Navarro, Patrick Brewer, Brandon Salzwedel, David Huynh, Paul Manley (behind David), Matthew “Matt” Miramontes, Rory Asahi, Gonzalo Baro (behind Rory), Dennis Maloney, Alan “Al” Clark (in front of Dennis), Gaspar Gonzalez. Second Photo: Jeremy Freeman and Rhodel “Del” Almario.

Roseveill Tech Guild

Roseville Volkswagen

From left: Mack Nidros (Service Manager), Jesse McKie, Dimitri Shokrikhanegah, Bryan Arends, Brian Sanders, Tony Harb (General Manager).

KCC Tech Photo-Crop

Kuni Chevrolet Cadillac

from left: Rick Baker (service Manager) , Mark Groux, Brian Castonguay (General Manager).

Colorado Orange



Lexus of Greenwood Village

Pictured from left: Gregg Stone (General Manger), Scott Ackerman, Bill Melendez, Jay Fackler, Brian Morrow, Dan Goin, John Meils, Jared Thaut.

CS Tech Guild

Kuni Lexus of Colorado Springs

Ed Bauer – GM/ President, Don Groccia- senior tech, Tyler King- senior tech, Marc Trujillo – senior techSteve Burns- Service and Parts Director.

LRD tech guild

Land Rover Denver

From Left:  Shane Joines (Fixed Operations), Sam Goodell, Russell Ault, Steve Wise, Chris HeltonLarry Diaz (Fixed Operations).

TechGuildTeam Audi Boulder

Audi Boulder

Pictured from left : Jaymie Hampson (General Manager), Mike Cottle, Doug Krom, Rob McNeil & Ian Peterson (Service Director).

Honda tech guild

Kuni Honda

Pictured from Left : Tim Perry( fixed Operations) Doren Cowger, Mike Elbert, Dan Lias, Chris Norton, Herm Brocksmith (General Manager).

 Congratulations everyone, and thank you for your hard work!

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