In the spirit of Earth Day: A brief overview of the Kuni line up of electric and hybrid vehicles!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today especially, we think about what changes we can make in our daily lives to make a difference in taking care of our planet. Changing the way we commute to work is simpler than you may think, rewarding not only the environment, but your finances as well. According to the U.S. Census, the average American commutes 16 miles each way to work, five times a week. A change in your transportation could make a huge impact. Research by Peter Lilienthal of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that if all driving Americans switched to Electric Vehicles we would see a 42 percent national average reduction on CO2 emissions!

How do you travel to your daily activities?  If you drive yourself, do you drive a car with fuel economy in mind or one that utilizes renewable energy? If not, maybe you should consider some of the most recent options. Driving a hybrid or electric vehicle is much more affordable than it used to be and there are many options to choose from, including luxury models!

For those traveling 50 miles or less to work, a fully electric vehicle may make sense for your daily commute. And for those that drive longer distances, a hybrid or plug-in Hybrid may be a better fit. The cost of leasing or owning an electric car is not only affordable; there is no added cost of gas! With most charging stations complimentary and the monthly cost of home charging minimal, it is financially responsible as well as environmentally friendly.

electric cars - electric vs gas comparison chart jpg

The Electric and Hybrid vehicle industry has exploded over the past few years. Have you seen the exciting new models and technology? We invite you to explore our favorite bands and the options available:



Electric i3 & i8:

Active Hybrid:

Clean Diesel:


Audi A3 e-tron


e-Tron- Hybrid Plug in:

TDI Clean Diesel:


Porsche 1


Panamara S E-Hybrid:

Cayenne S E-Hybrid:




Full Hybrid Line Compared:

CT Hybrid:

NX Hybrid:

RX Hybrid:

ES Hybrid:

GS: Hybrid:

LS Hybrid:


Der neue Volkswagen e-Golf


Electric e-Golf:

Clean Diesel TDI:




Electric Spark EV:

Hybrid Volt:




ELR Hybrid Coupe:




Full line of Hybrid and Electric models compared:

Accord Plug in:

Accord Hybrid:

Civic Hybrid:

CR-Z Sport Hybrid:


Electric Fit EV:

Insight Hybrid:




Q50 Hybrid:

Q70 Hybrid:

QX60 Hybrid:


With all the choices out there, a test drive may be in order to see what the best car is for your needs. Check out the Kuni Automotive website to find the Kuni dealership closest to you. Schedule a test drive today!


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