Spring Classic Wine Auction 2015


The 32nd Classic Wines Auction was held Saturday, March 7th, at the Oregon Convention Center. Over 900 guests attended this black tie affair to help raise money for five local charities.

Kuni Automotive has been a presenting sponsor for the Classic Wines Auction since 2013. Prior to 2013 Kuni Automotive was involved as a lead sponsor. For the second year in a row, Kuni Automotive donated two BMW i8’s valued at nearly $140,000 apiece! The BMW i8 is a plug in hybrid sports car with a turbocharged three-cylinder engine teamed with two electric motors for a combined 357 horse power!  This car is a BMW enthusiast, or really any car enthusiast’s dream. These cars are extremely hard to get your hands on with each dealership only being allotted five per year. Knowing that the demand for these cars is high, Kuni Automotive generously donated two cars to last year’s Auction and then happily offered to do it again this year! The hope was that the rarity of this car would drive higher bids and earn more money for several very deserving charities.

Kuni Automotive paired up with Rock Island Media to create an exciting James Bond style introductory video to show at the auction. Kuni Automotive then launched a social media campaign in the theme of the video to introduce followers to the charities supported by the auction and grow excitement about the i8.



A “Classified Document” was leaked along with several official looking briefs about the charity partners.

YWCA Randall-childrens-hospital NewAvenues Metro-Family Friendsofthechildren

When the day of the auction arrived, guests were greeted by a BMW i8 on display.




After much anticipation, it was finally time for lot 28! The lights dimmed and the rather loud crowd was quickly hushed when a James bond / Mission impossible style video filled the screen.


After the countdown the real Agent Hermann rushed on stage to receive his bottle of Bollinger from Greg Goodwin. The crowd laughed and cheered!


After a quick word from Kuni Automotive CEO Greg Goodwin, the bidding began!


It was quite a surprise when Agent Hermann himself was the winning bidder! A Kuni i8 Double Agent!


Greg Goodwin came over to thank and congratulate Agent Hermann. Greg offered up a second i8 and the competing bidder matched Agent Hermann’s bid. $320k was raised for local charities!


After all that excitement, the crowd quieted down to watch a very moving video about the Charities that the Classic Wines Auction Supports.




A person helped by each charity came up to the podium to tell their story. The stories were very powerful and inspiring. There were tears from the audience along with happy, congratulating cheers of joy and applause.


The paddle raise was up next. If you haven’t seen one before, it is a truly magical experience.  After the heartwarming stories from people whose lives have been changed by the community programs, and with the speakers still on stage looking on, everyone was feeling very inspired to give. And give they did. In bid increments from $500-$2,500, attendees raised their paddles to generously donate.






The children and families on stage were all smiles and cheers!


In the end, the generous bids and donations from the Classic Wines Auction raises almost 3.2 Million dollars for five local children and family charities.





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