Community Valentine Project


For Valentine’s Day most people take the opportunity to show their loved ones how much they care. At Kuni Automotive we were reminded of how much we care for and appreciate our Community Partners. We decided to do something to show how much they meant to us at The Garage, all of our dealerships, and the communities in which they reside.

We created a community valentine project for social media to help spread the word of these incredible organizations. Each of our dealerships chose one of their community partners to highlight and we created a series of valentines to share on Facebook. Each dealership and Community Partner shared the valentine on their own Facebook pages. There was a contest to see which Valentine or Community Partner could get the most love, or likes, to win a donation from Kuni Automotive.

The winner of the Kuni Automotive check for $2,500 was Audi Boulder and $2,500 the Bridge house!



Below are the valentines that were posted on Social Media:

Valentines 2-01  Valentines-04 Valentines-02 Valentines-01 last Few Valentines-05     Valentines 2-12 Valentines 2-11 Valentines 2-10  Valentines 2-08 Valentines 2-07 Valentines 2-06 Valentines 2-05 Valentines 2-04 Valentines 2-03 Valentines 2-02




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