A Gift for Stephen’s Place!

The long awaited opening of Stephen’s Place, a non profit community for adults with developmental disabilities, has finally arrived! The Construction & building of the community was fully funded by the Kuni Foundation and private donors.  Stephen’s Place first residents recently moved in and  more are on the way! With residents moving in, a need for transportation was apparent. Kuni Automotive stepped up to help and this past Friday held a special ceremony at the Kuni Garage to present a brand new fully loaded 2015 Honda Odyssey to the staff and residents!


The employees of The Garage gathered to hear CEO Greg Goodwin talk about the opening of Stephen’s Place. He discussed how Wayne Kuni, the founder of Kuni Automotive, created the Kuni Foundation to give back to the community and to help fund cancer research & housing for people with disabilities. He went on to explain how the creation of Stephen’s Place is very much a part of Wayne’s legacy. He talked about how by creating the Kuni Foundation, Wayne gave Kuni Automotive a purpose as a company and by doing so gave meaning and purpose to the employees who at The Garage and it’s dealerships.


Afterward Mr.Goodwin presented a giant symbolic key to Stephen’s Place CEO Jacki Gallo.


The First residents of Stephen’s Place were very excited to sit in their new van!



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