Welcome to the 2017 Portland international Auto Show! This years show featured over 500 vehicles. Take a tour in photos of some of our favorite brands: Honda: Honda Ridgeline Black Edition: The newly styled Honda Civic: Volkswagen: The Sport wagon all track is still a big hit: Other cool things from Volkswagen: We headed over to Chevrolet … Continue reading Portland International Auto Show 2017

Portland International Auto Show 2017

Shaking hands with every employee

As the Kuni Automotive + Holman Automotive deal was finalized, it became apparent what kind of company Holman Automotive is: a company where people and relationships matter the most. The executive teams and families from both Holman and Kuni met up and began touring each Kuni dealership.  Mr. Holman had a special request; he wanted to shake hands … Continue reading Shaking hands with every employee

A tour of our newest dealership: Audi Shawnee Mission

Our newest dealership, Audi Shawnee Mission is now open for business in Lenexa Kansas. As the photographer and Digital Marketing Specialist for Kuni Automotive, I took a trip to Kansas to visit the store, help train staff, and photograph the location. The building has underwent some impressive renovations. It has been molded into a fantastic … Continue reading A tour of our newest dealership: Audi Shawnee Mission